Energy Balance & Weight Loss

Energy Balance & Weight Loss

Health messages around diet, exercise and weight loss have become very confusing in recent years, largely due to the multitude of vested interests. However, given the current rates of obesity in Australia it’s time to take a closer look at the energy balance debate and try to simplify the message around weight loss based on credible scientific research.

SmartGUT Microbiome Testing Now Avaliable

I am delighted to now offer SmartGUT Microbiome testing.  The test and consultation provide a comprehensive analysis of your gut bacteria that can help you understand how your diet and environment may be affecting your gut flora and health in general.

The SmartGUT Microbiome test provides a comprehensive analysis of bacteria that is resident in an individual’s gut.  I can use the information from the microbiome analysis to understand how your diet and environment may be affecting your gut flora and health in general.

What does the SmartGUT Microbiome analysis reveal?
·      The percentage and types of bacteria in your gut,
·      How the bacteria in your gut may be affecting your health,
·      If any known harmful bacteria are present,
·      How your diet is affecting your gut microbiome.

How can the SmartGUT Microbiome test benefit you?
The human gut microbiota performs many essential functions such as helping to digest food and synthesise vitamins. In addition, recent research has also linked the gut microbiota to many other conditions and diseases.

The SmartGUT Microbiome test can help you if you are experiencing health and/or gut issues including:
·      Bloating
·      Diarrhoea
·      IBS
·      Weight gain
·      Metabolic disorders
·      Allergies and intolerances
·      Skin conditions
·      Depression

The SmartGUT Microbiome test can also benefit those interested in preventative health care by understanding how to look after good gut bacteria to maintain health and wellbeing for the long-term.

·      Initial consultation (45min.) including ordering Microbiome test* and provision of the test kit - $450                                                                                                                            
·      Second consultation (60min) includes provision and discussion of Microbiome test results, dietary analysis and nutrition advice - $200

*Please note that there is a 6-8 week turnaround before I receive your SmartGUT microbiome test results from the laboratory.  

All fees incl. GST

Private Health Fund rebates may be available with the following health funds. Please check with your provider prior to making a booking if you aren't sure:
Australian Unity

What is the link between the gut, diet & health?

What is the link between the gut, diet & health?

What is the gut microbiota?

Inhabiting the human body is the microbiome, a collection of 100+ trillion microbial cells.  A large number of these microbes reside in the gut, and are collectively referred to as the gut microbiota (1).  Whilst these microbial cells include bacteria, fungi and viruses, under the right conditions they have a mostly symbiotic relationship with our body.  In fact, emerging research indicates that the gut microbiota plays a very important role in many aspects of our health (2).

Dry Needling - The Ripple Effect

I want to talk about how you, the client can turn a negative into a positive. There seems to be a stigma around Dry Needling at the moment and I say above “The Ripple Effect” because I’ll explain thoroughly why I call it that. Think of it this way. If you close your eyes in a quiet space and think of throwing a pebble into a pond and it bounces and bounces and skims across the water and you can see it creating ripples upon ripples through the still water in the pond or lake, that’s how I want you to picture this throughout this article. It seems as though one bad experience of dry needling gets told to a friend or a family member… Now think of that as the first pebble being thrown into the still pond water… still picturing it??... Good! As that first pebble hits the water think of that as the first word of mouth that gets told to a friend or family member... and then Plonk! The Pebble has skimmed across the water again creating another ripple in the water… This is another friend or family member creating yet another ripple in our quiet still pond and so on it goes. Do you understand what I’m saying now? Yes? Great!! If not, keep on reading because your question/s may be answered further on. BOOM! Questioning! The main thing that I’m picking up on at the moment is client’s don’t seem to ask many questions as to what is happening during the treatment, granted yes Dry Needling can be painful and some client’s like to try and zone out to try and let their body relax. That’s all good and well and totally understandable and the Therapist who is Dry Needling you should be able to see in your body language just how you’re feeling and that’s why we, the Dry Needling Specialists should know when to ask the questions and what to ask them about. As the Therapist asks YOU, the client what they’re feeling and if the pain is referring to the spot of injury or soreness or possibly somewhere else.  I find that 90% of people don’t really ask the big questions  why Is the Dry Needling Specialist doing what they’re doing, why are they needling here, why is this hurting, why is there a referral pattern of pain, and when the treatment is all said and done and the therapist tells the client the correct method to feel better eg heat, hydration, rest, stretches, you, the client may go home and feel like your body or body part that has been worked on is heavy or sore or painful and think geez I don’t want to get that done again! That hurt! I’m going to go and…. AHA! The Ripple Effect begins. Ask the big questions, don’t think they’re silly or feel embarrassed to ask a question, sometimes the most simple of questions can give you the most satisfying answer and reassure you of what is being done. I truly believe that being reassured of… well.. just about anything really throughout your treatment can change a client’s outlook on Dry Needling. A simple question of hey, is this going to hurt after you move this needle in that spot can make the world of difference… and I say this because most of the time the answer will be yes, but it will probably be a feeling that you have never felt before. It’s a dullness, it’s a heavy feeling that you know will be there but you should still be able to do your day to day jobs without that dull heaviness stopping you! Does this reassure you that Dry Needling is a positive modality and treatment?

NO?? Okay… This is where the ripple effect kicks in. Unfortunately at some point in our lives we have all had one bad experience that makes us not want to go through that again. However, Giving Dry Needling a try with someone else could be a fantastic option instead of picking up that first pebble and throwing it and starting The Ripple Effect. Look into your treatment, Look into someone who is Qualified and look for someone with a good reputation. Find someone who is thorough and who will spend that extra 5 or 10 minutes with you or who is happy for you to call them 2 or 3 days after a treatment and ask a question about how you’re feeling and why. Again, Questions! Questions, Questions, Questions!! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Dry Needling is a Fantastic modality to alleviate pain, soreness, aches, headaches, even stress! After a treatment you may feel like the weight of the world has been taken off your shoulders and feel amazing! Please, all that I ask after this article is that you give it a go, because even I was a sceptic at the beginning when I first started my study in the Allied Health field. But after being taught correctly and having it done myself, I can say from experience that if done correctly, Dry Needling is one of the greatest forms of treatment that you can have. Please, I urge you to try it, I know it may not be for everyone and if after this article you’re still saying no to getting Dry Needling done, then that’s fine, that’s totally up to you. But think about The Ripple Effect and how it can affect the Therapist as well. We do years of study to get to where we are, and the one’s that go on to be successful are often the ones that have studied their butts off and have had a Positive Ripple Effect because of fantastic clients just like you who are reading this right now! Give it a go!

Yours Truly
Sam Robinson – Remedial Massage Therapist & Dry Needling Specialist

A client with neck pain

Neck muscle

Our last client had a sore neck and shoulder on her right side. Massage helped a little bit but after a few hours pain persisted. We had a positive result after an adjustment and I offered them this explaination.

"The sympton can be tight muscles, but the problem is causing tight muscles. In particular the levator scap causing pain and the inability for you to turn your head.

By getting adjusted we stimulate movement in your neck which takes tension off of the levator scapulae muscle.

It makes sense when you look at a picture of it, imagine the muscle is normally a bungee cord, but part of it has turned "ropey"; have a look at what the muscle attaches to... the vertebrae in your neck!

so it's restricting them from moving, but the muscle is turning "ropey" because it is trying to stop your neck from moving because it doesn't want you to feel any pain. ie/ if your neck moves it causes pain, so muscles tightne to restrict movement and pain.

So getting a massage stops the muscle being tight, but there is still pain so it tightens up twice as much the next day so that it can't be relaxed again...

This is why a chiropractic adjustment helps. It gets to the root of your problem.. SPINAL RESTRICTION, once the spine can move properly the muscle doesn't need to tighten up to reduce movement anymore"

Note: I love my job, particularly when my clients smile and say thank you because they not only feel better but understand why.

Have a great day

What is Reflexology?

Bryan works with reflexology in Geelong at Latrobe terrace chiropractic

Click on our reflexology video below: 


People think it's foot massage, but it's also an approach of moving lymphatics through the body, blood supply, nerve supply. By palpating the feet I'm actually helping the meridians to energise. So I'm getting energetic circulation through your body. You'll feel totally relaxed; there'll be equilibrium through the body (more balance).

Reflexology works from the cradle to the grave, works with babies, teenagers, emotional and psychological problems as well. It works with the elderly in nursing homes, it's one of the few treatments where you can do a house call to a nursing home and work with the people there; by working on their feet, hands and ears.

I can work with sports people too, like soccer with a lot of ankle and lower leg injuries. 

Other things i can treat are Musculoskeletal problems, psychological, mental health issues, reproductive disorders. A lot of women seem to get relief from period pain with reflexology.

The only weapons (special tools) i use are on ears. Because the ears have over 240 points per ear which are WHO recognised. The points are so tiny and fingers are generally too fat to be specific. So i use a point finding machine which is like a little TENS machine, that sends (no painful) charges to that point.

Please book in with Bryan if you are interested in recieving reflexology.