What is Reflexology?

Bryan works with reflexology in Geelong at Latrobe terrace chiropractic

Click on our reflexology video below: 


People think it's foot massage, but it's also an approach of moving lymphatics through the body, blood supply, nerve supply. By palpating the feet I'm actually helping the meridians to energise. So I'm getting energetic circulation through your body. You'll feel totally relaxed; there'll be equilibrium through the body (more balance).

Reflexology works from the cradle to the grave, works with babies, teenagers, emotional and psychological problems as well. It works with the elderly in nursing homes, it's one of the few treatments where you can do a house call to a nursing home and work with the people there; by working on their feet, hands and ears.

I can work with sports people too, like soccer with a lot of ankle and lower leg injuries. 

Other things i can treat are Musculoskeletal problems, psychological, mental health issues, reproductive disorders. A lot of women seem to get relief from period pain with reflexology.

The only weapons (special tools) i use are on ears. Because the ears have over 240 points per ear which are WHO recognised. The points are so tiny and fingers are generally too fat to be specific. So i use a point finding machine which is like a little TENS machine, that sends (no painful) charges to that point.

Please book in with Bryan if you are interested in recieving reflexology.