SmartGUT Microbiome Testing Now Avaliable

I am delighted to now offer SmartGUT Microbiome testing.  The test and consultation provide a comprehensive analysis of your gut bacteria that can help you understand how your diet and environment may be affecting your gut flora and health in general.

The SmartGUT Microbiome test provides a comprehensive analysis of bacteria that is resident in an individual’s gut.  I can use the information from the microbiome analysis to understand how your diet and environment may be affecting your gut flora and health in general.

What does the SmartGUT Microbiome analysis reveal?
·      The percentage and types of bacteria in your gut,
·      How the bacteria in your gut may be affecting your health,
·      If any known harmful bacteria are present,
·      How your diet is affecting your gut microbiome.

How can the SmartGUT Microbiome test benefit you?
The human gut microbiota performs many essential functions such as helping to digest food and synthesise vitamins. In addition, recent research has also linked the gut microbiota to many other conditions and diseases.

The SmartGUT Microbiome test can help you if you are experiencing health and/or gut issues including:
·      Bloating
·      Diarrhoea
·      IBS
·      Weight gain
·      Metabolic disorders
·      Allergies and intolerances
·      Skin conditions
·      Depression

The SmartGUT Microbiome test can also benefit those interested in preventative health care by understanding how to look after good gut bacteria to maintain health and wellbeing for the long-term.

·      Initial consultation (45min.) including ordering Microbiome test* and provision of the test kit - $450                                                                                                                            
·      Second consultation (60min) includes provision and discussion of Microbiome test results, dietary analysis and nutrition advice - $200

*Please note that there is a 6-8 week turnaround before I receive your SmartGUT microbiome test results from the laboratory.  

All fees incl. GST

Private Health Fund rebates may be available with the following health funds. Please check with your provider prior to making a booking if you aren't sure:
Australian Unity