Stress - Anxiety - Depression

Although Reflexology cannot be scientifically validated, there is much evidence to show clinical efficacy worldwide.
Stress can evolve from many situations; such as workplace, relationships, drug & alcohol dependence (addictions) and general mental health issues. Even general day to day living involves some form of stress. Common problems like being late for work, family and economic issues or less common like winning tattslotto (a good stress).

Receiving a reflexology treatment can help the body to cope with these stressors in a few ways.

  • improving nerve, blood & lymphatic supply
  • helping bio-energetic circulation (meridians)
  • balancing biochemical releases eg, hormones such as adrenaline and endorphins
  • relaxing the musculoskeletal system for a feeling of total relaxation

By massaging the 'microsystems' of the body ( by definition a reflexology microsystem is a small part of your body which represents the whole body), Reflexology can help your body to achieve homeostasis or equilibrium. 

For further information please contact Bryan:

(m) 0421 789 269


Bryan O'Neill

Since qualifying as a Reflexologist in 1990 Bryan has been very active both as a practitioner and as an educator for the past 24 years.

In 1996 he was at the forefront of introducing the microsystem of the ear to Reflexology students in Victoria which has added new dimensions to working protocols for all practitioners working with feet hands and ears. His extensive history of working with Reflexology includes various situations such as; Doctor’s surgeries, corporate health,Barwon Health icu, nursing homes,Hospice and Palliative care,Private practice and Senior Lecturer at Tafe, Cae, and Major Colleges of Remedial Therapies both in Victoria and Interstate.

His Clinical interest include Reflexology for Pregnancy,oncology, Addictions, male and female reproductive Health, Musculoskeletaland Autoimmune disorders.

Bryan’s own unique treatment is called ACU REFLEX MASSAGE. This is a combination of Massage, Microsystem and Meridian Therapy applied as a Total Body Treatment. Learn more about Reflexology here.