We recommend and use these pillows ourselves.

Memory foam we consider to be the best material for a pillow because it holds shape well and does not continue to deform slowly throughout the night as you’re sleeping on it like latex pillows.
Contour pillows allow for a neutral spine posture for side sleepers which is preferred.

Back and tummy sleepers should consider either not using a pillow or a very low pillow.


Fisocrem is a creme for temporary relief of aches and pains.
It doesn’t contain parabens or hydroxybenzoates and is made from high concentrations of 3 natural herbs.

Arnica - Believed to have anti-inflammatory properties

St John’s Wort - used topically for superficial wounds, scars and burns.

Calendula - for minor inflammation of the skin and minor wounds.


BakBalls are a self massaging device. Use them on the floor, leaning against the wall or seated.

BakBalls can assist with neck pain, back pain, TFL and plantar fasciitis.

Firm BakBalls are suitable for those who prefer deep tissue massage, or for those who have progressed from the regular product.
Regular BakBalls are more suitable for children, the elderly and those who prefer gentle massage.


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